What We Do


What is more important to your business?

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Having a professional looking website, or having a better bottom line?

Having great search engine rankings, or having a better bottom line?

Having amazing social media presence, or having a better bottom line?

These are 3 questions we ask various business owners, presidents, and CEO’s and without fail the answer is unanimous – they all want the BETTER BOTTOM LINE.

The Better Bottom Line

While websites, good search engine rankings, and social media presence are all important, they are a means to an ends – that end, of course, being higher revenue, business growth, and a better bottom line.

As your marketing agency, 7th Vision Marketing and Consulting works for you to get the better bottom line, but in doing so we recognize that not all internet tools fit every business model. Thus we create a marketing blueprint specific to you and provide a number of different tools that work best with your business’ target market and resources.

We develop and implement methods for attracting and keeping customers and clients for your business. Our practices revolve around methods specifically tailored to meet your particular needs, and are designed in conjunction with your existing online marketing efforts.

Tools such as Mobile Marketing, Mobile apps, Webinar Marketing, and Customer Relationship Management expand a company’s ability to reach the right people who are ready willing and able to buy, and bring return business and referrals from existing customers.

7th Vision Marketing and Consulting accesses your company’s existing marketing tools and  strategy to find its weak points and areas of strenght to transforms your marketing system into an powerhouse for profit. We will not only help you attract more interest to your online presence, but also turn those visitors into customers by increasing the sales conversion rate and help you focus on the most responsive customers to increase profits exponentially.

The Simple Formula

 We work with the following three goals in mind:

 Lead Generation – Capture the attention of internet users so they find your business site through the use of quality search engine optimization and marketing practices, effective blogging plans, social media platform building and mobile marketing.

 Lead Capture – Building wisely-developed blogs, websites and a far-reaching online platform are just the first steps toward increasing profits. We help you create compelling calls to action that make visitors eager to share their contact information with you. This capture of highly interested people builds an audience of potential clients and customers already and put a company is a better to increase sales long after the prospect has left their website.

 Lead Conversion – By creating a database of targeted prospects, we develop effective lead conversion techniques that convert visitors to your website or social media to customers. We tag and segment the leads to their particular interest which enable our sales funnel to produce greater returns.  Let us help you identify and profit from the most responsive buyers.

 Our methodology allows a company to attract and keep customers and clients while extending their online reach and reputation. The result is increased conversion, lower costs, and higher revenues. We at 7th Vision Marketing and Consulting can to make that your success.

We provide the following services to create and implement successful strategies: