Greater Visibility

What is a good website worth today?

$1000, $5000, maybe $10,000? The truth is it does not matter what you feel a good website is worth. It does not mean a thing if no one sees it.

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Businesses spend thousands of dollars on a great looking websites, but become frustrated when the website does not turn a profit. A website unto itself is simply a tool to attain a goal; typically, a goal of higher revenue, donations, or something of the sort. What websites are not, are a marketing system that can stand alone and turn a profit as soon as it goes live on the internet.


Before there can be a profit people first need to come to the site. They need to be able to find it. Thus is the need for visibility.


Good visibility drives quality traffic to your website and increases the chances for more sales, profits, and growth.  It should be noted that there is a difference between traffic and quality traffic. The ways to drive traffic to a website are various and not every type tool is a good fit for every business model. There are a number of factors to consider when creating better visibility and driving quality traffic.


The Right Target


Who is going to benefit most from your products and services? Who is going to love your business and will want to buy from or hire you?  These are the people that you want coming to your website. If you are selling Cabbage Patch Dolls you don’t want attract wrestling fans!  Targeted marketing is paramount to bringing the right people to your site and business.


The Right Message


You can lead the horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. The same is true with online marketing. The right people may see your message but if it is the wrong message then they won’t “drink”. The right message will always answer the question that is own every prospect’s mind, even if it is never said out loud, “why should I do business with you rather than someone else, or with no one at all?


The Right Tools


Once we have the right message for the right target, we then need the right tools bring you great visibility; Search Engine MarketingSocial Media Marketing, and Mobile Marketing to name a few. Tools that will not only engage and attract customers or clients in the places they are looking for your product and services, but will also compliment and cross-promote each other giving you a bigger bang to your marketing buck. A good combination of visibility tools will  maintain high visibility and lead to more customers and sales.

We offer a number of services to implement an effective strategy to keep you ahead of your competition, but not every tool works well for every business model. Contact Us today to see how we can help you with higher rankings, better social media presence, and business growth.