brainstorming_consulting_7vmc 7th Vision Marketing and Consulting discovered early on that helping business owners thrive is the true measure of  our success. We not only provide the tools and consultation that can launch your company toward steadily rising profits, but are dedicated to a continuing relationship of educating you about the ever changing internet landscape.

 Search engines change how they evaluate sites. New social media programs pop up. Buying trends shift. Our goal is to give you the know-how to ride your wave of success despite the upheavals in guidelines and trends. Ongoing education about the changing trends on the Internet is another way we bring value to our clients.


Coaching and Consulting Available

 Our expert team provides both one-on-one and team coaching and consulting. In these high-energy meetings, we help you learn how to improve your websites and blogs to be competitive in the online global marketplace. You will learn about the hottest marketing methods and programs to make your advertising jobs easier and more effective. Everything we teach is geared toward your success.


 Workshops, Seminars, and Webinars

Periodically we host events in local areas and on the Internet via webinar to further educate the business community. If your business is struggling to get better revenue or needs help to attract more interested traffic and transform them into customers or clients, we strongly suggest attending our events. 

Consulting and Coaching

Upcoming Events