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We want to be different

There are a lot of companies on the internet that promote themselves as Online Marketing Agencies, Internet Strategists, Web Specialists, or some near derivative therefore. But no matter what title is used, many businesses see common trends with “internet professionals” and often times the common thing seen is not good.

thinking different - 7th vision marketing

We Want to be Different

This commonly happens because an agency is more concerned about the sale of the marketing service than they are about the well being of the client. We believe that the needs of the client ALWAYS come first.

Let us note that there are good companies out there as well, but it is the horror stories of how some companies were convinced to invest with a marketing plan that flopped or worse, caused damage to that company’s  reputation that motivate us to make every effort to be better than the norm. We want to be different.

A Different Approach

Let’s face the facts. The internet, as an industry, has not been around that long. It is safe to say that it has been around less than twenty years. Most of us did not even know what the word “internet” meant in the early 1990’s. When compared to other industries (health, insurance, automotive, construction, etc.) the internet industry is still in its infancy. That is not to take away the great innovations that have come due to the advent of the internet. In comparison, the automotive industry brought great changes to our culture in its infancy as well, even how we waged war.

So what is the point? The point is that we are only scratching the surface of how powerful the internet can be for business and we believe that a different approach is needed to truly allow businesses to get the full benefit. Many internet professionals work within certain niches (web design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, etc.). Which is fine for the professional, but not so much for businesses. Business owners, marketing directors, etc are left hiring one company for their website, another for their social media, and another for their reputation protection, and the list goes on. The business is left trying to work out how each marketing piece should work and compliment the other while still running the business. This is the same as taking your car to one place for tires, anther place for the oil change, and another for a tune-up. It would drive us mad! Not to mention the time and money wasted it the process, but that what many businesses find themselves doing. There is a better way.

the big picture - 7th vision marketing

Looking at the Big Picture


Instead of looking at your marketing in niches, we look at the big picture and focus on the ends, not the means. Businesses need better bottom lines to grow, so that is the one thing we focus on. Then we build a custom marketing blueprint that complements your company’s goals, vision, and resources.

Your Marketing Architect

When building a house, most of us have a pretty good idea of many of the tools and tradespeople that are needed to get the job done. But very few people would move forward with the project without a blueprint. Thus, they hire an architect or someone with the needed skill sets to provide the blueprint to empower them to reach their goal–a house.

The same applies to the marketing of your business. Businesses know, in general, some of the marketing tools needed to get the one thing they want–a better bottom line.  But because that do not have a blueprint or the marketing expertise to bring them to that goal, many become frustrated because they do not see the return on investment they were hoping for.

Round Peg Into A Square Hole? 

Building your custom marketing blueprint is our first step. Every business is different. We will not try to fit a round peg into a square hole. Building a marketing blueprint that is customize to your business’ goals and vision while utilizing solid marketing fundamentals and best practices is paramount to bringing you a better bottom line. 

We have in our arsenal a variety of tools to create an influx of new business with a higher percentage of conversion and a more positive online reputation for you. Not every tool will be used, but as our goal is to increase your bottom line while reducing your costs, having many tools available allows us to use what will work best for you specifically bringing the best results.

We offer a unique combination of strategy, consulting, and technology that enable clients to derive the most optimal benefit from their investment and trust. We help your company by employing effective marketing techniques that increase your visibility  capture qualified leads, and convert those leads to highly responsive customers. Finally, we ensure a return on investment by offering a strategic combination of onsite consulting and offsite development and back-end process mapping to ensure speedy solution delivery in tandem with your teams.

Develop Websites and Blogs that Capture Attention and Lead to Sales

Search engine optimization, both on site and off, creates the jumping off point for quality website and blog creation. A clean, professional design, and a user-friendly interface make it easy for visitors to stay on board. Informative and enticing content and marketing materials turn those visitors into customers.

Go Mobile with Social Media and Mobile Apps

If your company is not set up for mobile visitors, it is missing out on a  large potential customer base. Our strategies help expand mobile marketing reach and develop sites and social media pages that capture attention and then turn those leads into buyers.

Track Marketing and Reputation Progress to Expand Company Borders

 No marketing plan works without a method to track conversion rates and determine what works and what needs tweaking to increase profits. Our strategic combination of consulting and development is made stronger with back-end mapping techniques to make sure your business continues to be upwardly mobile.

 Create Back End Marketing Plans to Focus on the Most Responsive Customers

  Funnel interested parties and first-time customers toward higher profit products and services. Once a level of trust in your company’s quality is established, it is much easier to sell to existing customers than find new ones. We help you build long-term relationships with buyers so that you know where to direct your up-sell and cross-sell offers.

We work hard to give you what you need to get the better bottom line. Let us show you the difference. Contact Us today to see how we can help you with higher rankings, better social media presence, and business growth.